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This morning, I made a promise and then because I was frustrated and overwhelmed I renigged on it. After a few minutes calming down in my room my 6-year-old daughter walked in and gave me a very sweet piece of humble pie.

She looked at me and softly said, “Mommy, your really hurt my brothers’ feelings. That was wrong.” Then she started to cry and added, “You need to apologize to God.”

Needless to say, I was properly rebuked and humbled. There is nothing like being shown your sin directly from your child…

Thank you God for giving her boldness and love to talk to me like that!


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In my opinion, the best thing that God created was the hug.I have had quite a few hugs from my sister; and that is the best taste of God’s love so far today…

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I read Romans 8:28-29 with fresh eyes this morning and it was such a joy to my heart. Now I want to share it with you…

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.”

When I read that last phrase my heart was filled with joy! God chose me – and you – to be in his family just so Jesus could have me as his sibling. Wow!

Not only did God adopt me into his family, he also is helping me become part of his family to where I fit in perfectly. He is making me more like my big brother Jesus, so that when others look at me they can tell which family I am a part of.

That brings so much joy to my heart this morning. I pray that as you think on this, it may encourage your heart too!

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Happy New Year!


apple image thanks to Amy at TheVintageWorkshop: Workshop Window

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Sadness is…

…trying to console your son after he accidentally flushes his bouncy ball down the toilet.

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My Ray of Sunshine…

If I were to use a word picture to describe Peter it would be a ray of sunshine. Peter has been given the gift of joy. He can find it anywhere, and if it isn’t somewhere he makes it happen.

Peter also has a very tender heart. He cares about people and animals. He has never been able to see pain and death without it seriously affecting him. He feels the pain and is extremely sorrowful over death. God can use this gift to make him stronger in his heart and more merciful.

Peter also loves to move. He is always going somewhere. He loves playing sports and games. From flying his kite, to kicking his soccer ball, to beating daddy in a game of horse, to seeing the best way to throw the ball to tag his brother in ball tag Peter knows what to do and wants to learn how to do it better.

 My favorite thing about Peter is his eyes. God gave him these huge, beautiful, brown eyes that are so full of energy. They grab people’s attention right away and draw you right in. His joy, love and passion are all there for others to enjoy. What a wonderful gift God has given him!

 May he grow more and more in wisdom and favor with God and man. May God make him the strong, kind man he is starting to become.

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As I was getting myself ready to take the kids to school, this is what they were doing…

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