Happy New Year!


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A Good Story…

As a volunteer librarian at my kids’ school in Minneapolis; there are so many ways to see God’s light and joy.

I can bring home books to preview and then be able to recommend them to the students. I also get to enjoy a great new story. I also have a chance to help kids discover new books and stories; to be curious and search for books that will enhance things they enjoy.

But I think the thing that brings me the most joy is taking a class of 18-20 happy, hyper students and gaining their undivided attention for 15 minutes while I read a story to them. When God takes something and lights an imagination it is wonderful to behold. And when you can be the starting block for that imagination flight it is joyful beyond words.

I will never forget one particular time when a class came into the library and everyone was having a very hard day. The kids weren’t listening; the teacher was stressed.  But when they were finally seated and I started reading the story (it was Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo) all 19 of them – teacher included – were still, quiet, enraptured and engaged.

Only God could have done that. And he used a wonderfully sweet book to do it.

Thank you Lord for the chance to engage children’s imaginations. Thank you for allowing us to read and write. Thank you that we have books to help us grow. Thank you for your greatest book that draws our imaginations to the deepest extent.

Sadness is…

…trying to console your son after he accidentally flushes his bouncy ball down the toilet.

My Ray of Sunshine…

If I were to use a word picture to describe Peter it would be a ray of sunshine. Peter has been given the gift of joy. He can find it anywhere, and if it isn’t somewhere he makes it happen.

Peter also has a very tender heart. He cares about people and animals. He has never been able to see pain and death without it seriously affecting him. He feels the pain and is extremely sorrowful over death. God can use this gift to make him stronger in his heart and more merciful.

Peter also loves to move. He is always going somewhere. He loves playing sports and games. From flying his kite, to kicking his soccer ball, to beating daddy in a game of horse, to seeing the best way to throw the ball to tag his brother in ball tag Peter knows what to do and wants to learn how to do it better.

 My favorite thing about Peter is his eyes. God gave him these huge, beautiful, brown eyes that are so full of energy. They grab people’s attention right away and draw you right in. His joy, love and passion are all there for others to enjoy. What a wonderful gift God has given him!

 May he grow more and more in wisdom and favor with God and man. May God make him the strong, kind man he is starting to become.

Bring a smile to your face…

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As I was getting myself ready to take the kids to school, this is what they were doing…

My Warrior Princess…

I was contemplating what light God has shown me recently (because I felt bad for not posting anything recently) and was struck with my lack of vision. 🙂 I have light around me all the time in the form of a wonderful husband and 3 uniquely diverse children. All 4 of them are used by God to bring me light on a daily basis.

So starting with my daughter, Nienna, I want to share some of the ways God uses her to bring me his light.

Nienna loves to celebrate everything. She will count down days until her first ride on a school bus, until her birthday, until it’s time to go to church again, until she looses a tooth, until she can use the paint to make a picture. God has reminded me time and again that life is full of things to anticipate and look forward too all because of Nienna counting “how many sleeps until”.

Every morning Nienna comes downstairs, she is quiet and needs a cuddle. So every morning I get to hold her close and let her fully wake up in my arms.

Nienna loves people. She can be friends with a new kid in seconds. She loves most everyone she meets and makes sure they know she loves them.

God has given her strength of heart and body. She may look tiny, but inside is a strong and vibrant heart. She gives life and others her all; from tackling her brothers on a whim, to hugging me with all her might, to running to the kitchen to help make or do something, to hugging every friend from her class when she walks into school.

Thank you God for my strong, little princess. Thank you for blessing every day with her joy and intensity. Thank you for letting me have a chance to love her and be loved by her. May you grow her up to be a strong, godly woman who honors and enjoys you supremely.

My Favorite…

My favorite season is fall. I love the colors of the trees, I love the cooler air, I love the wind, I love that I can wear sweaters and boots again.

Yesterday afternoon I was driving to pick up my kids from school and was overjoyed with the sight God set before my eyes…

Down this whole street were small trees all covered in bright yellow leaves. As I drove through this beauty God send a small breeze that made the trees sway and many leaves blow in front of my car. It was breathtakingly beautiful!

Thank you Lord for your love of color and beauty. Thank you for sharing it with me this season. Thank you for that light in my busy day. Amen.